Club Rules & Policies

Finchley Lawn Tennis Club is affiliated to the LTA. All members agree to be bound by the following rules when entering the FLTC Premises, or when representing FLTC away during league matches or club competitions:


1. FLTC Club Rules
2. FLTC Constitution
3. FLTC/LTA Code of Conduct
4. LTA Rules and Disciplinary Code

FLTC Club Rules

1. The rules of lawn tennis, as they may be fixed from time to time by the Lawn Tennis Association, shall be the rules of lawn tennis for the club.

2. Whilst on court Members, visitors and clients of the coaching staff are required to wear appropriate sports clothing at ALL times, and non-marking tennis shoes that will not damage the playing surface of the courts.

3. Playing times: play shall not commence before 8am nor continue after 10.00pm on any day.

4. Members will book court time via the court booker App.
Members will follow court booking rules as issued to them on joining or emailed revisions.

5. The fair system of social play will operate during social play:
Sunday 09.00-14.00. and Wednesday 18.00-22.00.

The fair system of social play operates as follows:

Play is always as a doubles.

Newly arrived players will have priority for the next set to start as will those that have been waiting.
If there are more than four members ready to play the next set, the priority players will take their priority.

The remaining players waiting to play will allot themselves numbers, without the priority player’s knowledge.

One of the priority players will call out at random the number of numbers required to make the four from the numbers of those non-priority members waiting.

Any player who declines to play when chosen will then have the least priority for the next sets.
Where there is an abundance of players waiting it is best practice to pick players to form two pairs of an equal standard.

The chosen four will play one set only (seven point tie breaks will be played at six all).
Members may not start to play singles when three or more other members are waiting to play.

6. Club Tournament: The Tennis Committee shall be responsible for agreeing all arrangements concerning Club Tournaments.

7. Selection for teams shall be the decision of the relevant team captains.

8. Tennis balls will be provided for external club matches, internal club tournament finals and other events authorized by the Tennis Committee.
When available ex-match balls may be used for social play.

9. Smoking, spitting and chewing gum is not allowed on Club premises.
Vaping is not allowed in buildings or on courts.

10. The last member to leave the Club shall be responsible for ensuring that all doors and windows in the Tennis Club House are closed and locked. The last member to leave shall also ensure that the floodlights shut down appropriately and Club house lights and heaters are correctly turned off.

11. The committee accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.

12. Glass bottles or containers should not be taken on to the tennis courts.

13. A fee of £5.00 adult / £2.50 Junior must be paid for all guests before starting play and their name entered in the ‘Booking Title box on the Court booker app.

Fees must be paid to a committee member or transferred by BACS with an email sent to the Club at the same time describing the payment.

An individual may play as a guest a maximum of three times per season. Visitors may only play with a club member and they cannot use club facilities without a club member or a committee member present.

14. Members should remove all used balls and litter (water bottles, ball cans, pressure lids, tissues, wrappers) when leaving the courts.
A copy of the FLTC Constitution can be found in the club house.

FLTC/LTA Code of Conduct

As a family club certain behaviour and standards are required of our members. Members are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and proper manner while on club premises and comply with any relevant club rules or regulations. The following are examples of unacceptable behaviour:

Aggressive/Intimidating behaviour (W)
Derogatory comments about the opposition or partner (W)
Damage to the club’s facilities (C)
Abusive or foul language (C)

Any members encountering such behaviour, should report the issue in writing/e-mail to the Welfare Officer (W) or Chairman (C). Please note that these complaints will be dealt with in confidence and the issue will be raised at the next Tennis Committee meeting and will be dealt with in line with the Tennis Section complaints procedure. The committee has the power to reprimand, suspend or expel any member who shall infringe the Club Rules.

Click here for the LTA’s Code of Conduct.

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If you have any comments or questions regarding these policies please contact the committee: